About This Website

Welcome to Jennifer’s Place! This website has been set up specifically to allow the readers to gain access to the author’s published books. I have added a wealth of credible and valuable information by referring the reader to professional resources with links to books from other readers, weblinks, and videos, where appropriate. Superscript numbers in the author’s books verify authentication and accreditation of journalists, authors, and photographers. They can all be found here for each of the books.

The reason for adding hundreds of books and websites is because it would be impractical to expand on the topics within the limitations of one book. Now that there is the Internet, it should be used appropriately, and in this case, in conjunction with the author’s books. In fact, if the reader were to interact with the various links, books, and videos provided for each of the author’s five books, it would take years to complete. This pattern of additional material is one that I will obviously continue to use.


China, The Phoenix and The Dragon, (Book One) focuses on personal observations with historical and cultural commentary, whereas China, The Dragon, A Glimpse of China: Past and Present (Book Two) focuses on personal observations including political, historical, cultural, current events with technological advances.


A Glimpse of Asia! (Book Three) highlights the author’s solo travel adventures in Southeast Asia and covers myths, politics, geography, history, current topics, environmental and justice issues.


The Adventures of Teacher Jennifer! (Book Four) features both teaching and travel adventures and acts as a background to the previous two books on China and the one on Southeast Asia. Over the subsequent years, apart from teaching four years in China, I taught in South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Oman, Yemen, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, and India before returning to Canada.


The Creative Revolution! covers a multitude of topics that will surely be of interest to activists, and those with a curious bent. It is a web-based project created to galvanize positive, worldwide non-violent action. The book is based on and draws attention to the material on the author’s websites, www.ourpreciousplanet.com, and www.welcome-to-jennifers-place.com. It includes a gathering and collection of various ideas (scientific and otherwise, collected from a wide variety of credible sources); some contained within the book — others within the Topics section, books, websites, and videos on the website.


Some topics will surely result in controversy and heated discussions! The book gives an outline of what you may expect to view on the website. Obviously, it would not be possible to cover all the topics within the limitation of one book, but hopefully, the book will whet your appetite and encourage you to explore the websites.

A follow-up book named A Creative Evolution! (Book Two) is now underway and will be published in due course. This new (Book Two) is about Evolution, not Revolution.

 All of my published books can be purchased at www.amazon. com